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Over Burden Removal

Overburden removal is an activity that absolutely must be done on mining, especially in mining activities that use open-pit mining system. Overburden removal activity is determined by the target in the production plan; the better the design in the stripping of overburden will give the better production plan targets. To realize such condition it requires necessary methods and tools that support the stripping of overburden. When the overburden material is a soft material (soft rock), then the cover soil excavation will be done on liberty. However, if the material is a strong one, the first matter to do is discharging with demolition followed by the quarrying activity. Blasting that will be done needs to be designed to correspond to the desired production.

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Coal Getting

Coal getting activity is the core activity in the coal mining activity. Coal getting activity is the continuation of the overburden removal. After the topsoil and subsoil layers successfully removed, the areas to be mined are disclosed accordingly. Thus, the coal is extracted for sending to the stock pile.

To mine the coal (coal getting) itself, it is necessary to have coal cleaning activity. The purpose of the activity of cleaning coal is to remove impurities in the form of minor waste material soil from the surface of coal (coal face), as well as other impurities that were the result of precipitation agents (surface water, rainwater, avalanches). Afterwards,  the coal getting activity until the loading of coal to the vehicle. For hard coal seams, it is firstly to do the dredging.

Coal Hauling

The hauling method that will be used in the coal mining activity depends on the distance. For short distance, most coal is transported by conveyor or truck. For longer distances in the domestic market, the coal is transported by rail or barge, or alternatively coal is mixed with water to form a coal slurry and transported through pipelines.

Coal transportation is the subsequent process after the coal mining process is completed. There is a series of stages that must be carried out in order to bring coal to the customers. After exploitation, the coal will be stored as stockpile for later transportion to the coal port. From the coal port, the coal is brought by barges to the cargo container vessel to be sent to customers. From the multiple stages of coal transportation, the Company provides coal transportation services from the stockpile up to the port using two-vessel trailer trucks.


Port Management

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